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Some say carpeting is the classic, more prudent choice. But the facts prove otherwise. Well kept carpeting at its best only lasts between five and ten years given that it is exposed to normal, residential wear and tear. Conversely, laminate floors can endure high traffic use and still last up to over 30 years, with the chic coloring and printed surface still glowing.

Our customers in Milpitas, Mountain View, and the greater Bay Area have given our laminate flooring services outstanding reviews, expressing that the carpet to laminate transformation was refreshing, effective and affordable if you are located in Oakland, Berkeley, San Leandro and any other bay area cities you looking to paid with our company about $3.29 sqft all included for laminate flooring call us today to set up your free consultation 866-670-1239. Read below for some of the reasons why:

30 Year Comparison

Here is a 30-year comparison test that you can reference when contemplating whether to choose carpeting or laminate floor covering. Say, for instance, you installed new laminate flooring. It would typically last for 30 years. During that same time frame it is highly probable that you would have to install new carpeting four or five different times! Given that probable circumstance, the laminate flooring in fact costs much less than the amassed and increasing costs of updating and installing an entire home of new carpet.

This is why so many of our laminate flooring customers in Redwood City and Belmont, for example, have testified to great satisfaction from their “pergo style” laminate flooring, which lasts longer and stays cleaner over time.

An additional aspect one should pay careful attention to is the cleanliness of your home environment. In a consumer survey, one well known American company that administers the recycling of old carpet asserted that the majority of used carpeting it collects for processing contains at least thirty five percent of its weight in household dirt alone! This means that the families who lived in a household of this old carpeting were actually walking, crawling, or living on dirt. Laminate flooring is just cleaner—hands down. If the laminate is dirty the dirt is plainly visible to the eye, not hidden deep in carpet textures, and can be wiped up reassuringly. Laminate flooring is the fresher, cleaner, and undoubtedly more cost effective investment, perfect for any thriving home, when compared to carpet THIS IS A FACT.

Many of our customers in Menlo Park and Millbrae have chosen our laminate flooring, pergo style as the top alternative for flooring that will ensure better health for their families and the overall environment of their homes.

Call us today to find out how simple it is for you to make the healthy, cost-effective switch from carpet to laminate in your Bay Area location!


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