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How long will the Laminate installation take? — Lynn Johnston, Vet. | Berkeley, Ca.
The time it will take for the laminate installation depends on a few things: the square footage and the options that you choose. Yet, on average, we install over 1000 square feet of pergo style flooring each day.

What do I have to do before the floor installation begins? — T.J. Kwok| Antioch, Ca.
All you have to do is simply empty the installation area within time for the installation, and make sure no new furniture is expected to arrive, and we will handle all of the rest.

Is there a charge for removing or shifting furniture? — Aims Family | Emeryville, Ca.
Yes there usually is a charge for this type of service, depending on the quantity of items. However, if all you have is a mere few pieces of small furniture, such as an office table or coffee table, recliner or chest, we will gladly move them free of charge.

What is your lead time? — Peter M., Accounts Manager| Alameda, Ca.
We are typically able to service you within less than 7 days.

How can I best clean the floor? .”— Charlotte Scott, Secretary/Faculty Member | San Leandro, Ca.
Just sweep and mop with a damp cloth (a swiffer works best). No major chemicals or detergents are necessary; the cleaning and preparation are as easy as it gets.

Will I need to paint the free baseboards once they are installed? — Jennifer Acosta, Consultant| Castro Valley, Ca.
It is preferred for you to paint the baseboards yourself or to have them done by a skilled professional once they have been installed you can contact they do a fabulous Job in Interior painting jobs in the Bay Area. The reason we recommend this is because they are only painted with a white primer and deserve a final coat of white paint to look their absolute best.

How many people usually do the laminate flooring installation? — Kristin Ainsworth, Small Business Owner| Oakland, Ca.
Generally, there are three to six professionals (depends on the quantity of work) working in each crew and at each house.

Do you clean up after you are done? — Amber and Hans| Pinole, Ca.
As we said, as simple as it gets! Once we’ve accomplished your project we handle all of the clean up, including the first mop of your newly installed floors, and make sure the final product is nothing less than stunning.

How do I schedule an installation and what is the process? — Konstantin | Fremont, Ca.
All you have to do is fill out a ‘Request Installation’ form, or you can simply give us a call and we will inform you of possible dates. Next we will visit your home, bringing to you available laminate samples so that you can begin to select the most suitable color and decor immediately and appropriately, in the presence of your furniture and home.

Call us today to view the perfect samples for your new Laminate Flooring in the East Bay!


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