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Oakland Wood Floors values you as a customer and takes pride in the fact that you have entrusted us with your flooring project. At Oakland Wood Floors we stand behind our craftsmanship, flooring materials, our crews, and guarantee every flooring product we sell and any service we provide including, but not limited to: floor installation, floor Buffing, hardwood floors stain, flooring repairs and hardwood floor refinish.

Oakland Wood Floors provides 2 types of Flooring Warranties. One is for our Flooring labor (craftsmanship/installation) and the other is for the manufacturers. Flooring Warranties are only creditable to the original, authorized homeowner and are never transferable.

Generally, manufacturers’ warranties protect your hardwood floors against damages throughout the duration of your home’s viability. Examples of such damage include: improper milling; grading; and lamination or assembly. For pre-finished hardwood floor products, the wear and tear of the finish is protected for a time-period specified in the manufacturers warrantee. Again, warranties are not transferable and are only valid for the original homeowner. Please refer to manufacturer’s terms and conditions for additional details.

Subject to the terms and conditions set forth at the time of the given estimate, Oakland Wood Floors decrees to furnish, deliver and install the materials listed in the proposal/contract.

Oakland Wood Floors assures that the materials and workmanship used in any Flooring installation, hardwood floor sanding and refinishing, wood floors stain, hardwood floor buffing or wood floors recoating conform to the guidelines set for forth by the National Wood Flooring Association, the NOFMA or by manufacturers, and that any Flooring product used by Oakland Wood Floorsfor installation or for hardwood floor refinishing meets or exceeds their standards of quality.

Oakland Wood Floors does not guarantee any size or grade of hardwood flooring against cupping, buckling, warping, shrinking, insect infestation, or damage caused by moisture or water, including humidity; we also are not accountable for the use of improper cleansers or cleaning techniques on your wood surface.

Oakland Wood Floors does guarantee the finish of your hardwood floor between one (1) to five (5) years against peeling, cracking and chipping given the conditions of normal, residential usage. However, Floors in California cannot guarantee any flooring against scratching, dulling finish, fading color and/or color changes.

Oakland Wood Floors will not be held responsible for products that were installed with defects from other flooring companies, flooring manufacturers, individuals or contractors.

This warranty will not cover damages due to the neglect or abuse of the flooring caused by, but not limited to, high heels, animals, children, fire, heat, do it yourself installations, ect. Such damages are not covered under manufacturer’s warranty and/or installation warranty. For further inquiries or the latest information specific to manufacturer’s warrantees, please contact one of our expert associates who are willing and able to correspond with you directly, regarding any questions and/or concerns. (This limited warranty does not apply to any pre-finished material used in installation. For the warranty on pre-finished material, please consult the manufacturer.)