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Oakland Wood Floors is dedicated to servicing all of your flooring needs. This means we not only install, buff, stain, and refinish your wood floors, but can also repair wood floors in any case of damage.

In the majority of cases a wood repair is possible, given that you have a normal size and spice of wood floor, and that the floor finish that you have is still available on the market.
Some hardwood floor repairs can be very expensive at times. In these cases, unexpected conditions discovered can complicate the procedures.

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We use only the best technology and craftsmanship to ensure that we can tackle any and all complicated circumstances.

However, even with the latest advances in repair technology, it is likely that the area that undergoes the repair may be visibly different than other areas of the hardwood flooring, for any where between eight months to extreme cases of three years, until the light exposure and normal wear begin to change the color from the new hardwood floor repair. Our long-term customers in the Bay Area continue to use our services, allowing them the confidence of having a familiar face service their home.