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Need a way to make those hardwood floors shine again? Bring them back to life with the hardwood buff and re-coat procedure in East Bay. The screen and coat procedure restores the beauty of your floors without completely refinishing them. This allows you to achieve maximum results at a lower cost, using less time.

Using this procedure frequently will prolong the quality of your hardwood floors, and can help you avoid a complete refinishing later. Screening prepares already finished floors to accept another coat of finish. Without the screening process any new finishes are very likely to peel off. This procedure will be most beneficial for floors with minor scratches or slightly worn surfaces. Light scratches in the surface will be taken away while those that are deeper into the finish might not be removed. This process usually takes just one coat and may also be referred to as top coating in San Leandro or buff and topcoat in East Bay.  When deciding on the right procedure it is important to know the history of your floors If your floors are relatively new, it’s a good plan to begin keeping track of the cleaning methods used to refer back to later.This is necessary since certain cleaners and waxes previously used will conflict with this process, and possibly with others. Waxed hardwood floors cannot be screened or re-coated until the wax is entirely removed from the surface.

It is a good idea to always use the cleaners recommended by the manufacturer, or see care suggestions by Bonakemi– the leading makers of topical, hardwood floor products. Using the correct substances to clean a hardwood floor can make all the difference. Some commercial products such as Murphy’s Oil leave behind a residue that does not allow for re-coating-- since a new layer of finish can not cohere with the wood. Use either a vinegar and water solution (refer to maintenance information) or a suitable wood floor cleaner.  The hardwood buff and re-coat procedure Castro Valley is the time sensitive and effective route for the smart owner on a budget. There is no need for sanding which means it merely takes a couple of hours before it’s done. The surface is simply screened with a buffer that mildly chaps the surface to ensure the finish will cohere.Then a new coat of finish is layered on the top. To keep up the new look just wax and buff. Say good-bye to surface scratches and give your hardwood floor back its beautiful face. Servicing all the East Bay! Berkeley; Oakland; San Leandro; Emeryville; Castro Valley! Call Floors in California today for your free estimate!