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Hardwood floors of Oakland Consulting’'s mission is to provide high-quality, accurate, relevant information to anyone with an interest in hardwoodwood floors. Established in the bay area, our customers has ranged from small local flooring contractors and homeowners, to midsized architectural and Contracting firms, to international real estate development corporations.

What have all our clients had in common? They all had facing wood flooring problems, or a critical need for information, hardwood flooring information can be difficult sometimes, oakland wood floors is here to help you to make the right choice and inform you about the beautiful art of wood floors.

Hardwood Floors:

Wood Floors sometimes are not as simple as they may appear. Someone who has ever had a floor crown or buckle can Confirm this. Wood a flexible material that sometimes,wood simply doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.

But why is this? What causes floors to separate from their substrates, hardwood floor finish to peel, or strange marks to appear only after the contractor’s van has left the job? These questions can be maddening, and not simply because they arise from a frustrating and expensive failures, where an expensive investment has gone wrong.

No matter if you are in Oakland with a buckle hardwood floor install, of a peeling finish in Menlo Park, just call us at 866-670-1239 to set up a consultation.

Prices for this service start at $200 for the visit however the $200 depends on the size of the job the location and what has to be done.