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Bona Naturale™ is the next generation of wood floor protection that preserves the true natural look of your hardwood floor. With Bona Naturale, you get as close to an untreated look and feel as possible while still providing your floor with a durable surface. Along with Bona Naturale’s elegant look and noticeably unique feeling underfoot, this finish also has superb durability.Traffic-like durability, and because of its natural look, scratch marks are less visible. For trained, experienced professional use only.

Oak floor with Bona naturale™ water base finish
Oak floor with bona naturale™ clear finish.
Bona naturale finish, clear coat water base oak floors.
Bona Naturale™ water base wood floor coating.





  • High traffic residential - kitchens, entry ways, family rooms, homes with pets, children and high foot traffic
  • Commercial and residential use including shopping malls, restaurants, offices, retail stores
  • Institutional applications - hospitals, nursing homes, schools


Physical Characteristics:
Ingredients - Water, polymeric resin, dipropylene glycol monomethyl ether, silica derivate and amorphous silica. Color - Milky white (wet) Gloss Level (60°) - 4-6 for Commercial Matte pH - 8.1 (85°) - 4-7 for Commercial Matte
Solids - 33% (with hardener) Odor - Non-offending, slight solvent
Viscosity - (Brookfield @ 25° C) 20-30 cP Flash Point - N/A Viscosity with Hardener - (Brookfield @ 25º C) 55-65 cP Stability - 1 year shelf life in unopened container Density - 8.66 lbs./gallon (1.04 S.G.) Packaging - 1-gallon plastic bottle
VOC Compliant - Does not exceed 210 grams per liter
(1.8 lbs. per gallon VOC)

Application Characteristics:
Clarity - Clear when dry Coverage - 350-400 square feet per gallon
Leveling - Excellent Percent Cured After 24 Hours - 75%, 72 hours - 90%
Defoaming - Excellent Maximum Cure - 100% after 1 week
Drying Time - 2-3 hours
Product properties are diminished after 4 hours. The finish and hardener can only be mixed one time.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  BEFORE USING, READ ALL DIRECTIONS AND MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET #80350 FOR THIS PRODUCT AND #80355 FOR NATURALE HARDENER. For trained experienced professional use only. BONA NATURALE™ is part of the Bona Environmental Choice System™ which represents products and systems for each step of the hardwood floor finishing process. These products meet or exceed all state and federal clean air quality standards and reflect our commitment to personal health, indoor air quality and the environment. Nonflammable. Available in Commercial Matte. Do not thin. Call BonaKemi USA, Inc. before using for technical advice if needed (800) 872-5515. KEEP FROM FREEZING. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: RECOATING EXISTING FLOORS 1. Be sure floor is free from wax or oily residue. 2. Use Bona Prep™ system (see label for directions). 3. Apply 1-2 coats of Bona Naturale™ (see finish directions). NOTE: Naturale will adhere to most stains and finishes after proper preparation and dry times. Stain, sealer and finish results may vary widely depending on the wood species, especially on oily and resinous “exotics”. ALWAYS PREPARE A SAMPLE OR TEST AREA TO DETERMINE COMPATIBILITY AND DESIRED RESULTS.

If Recoating a Factory Prefinished Floor, use the Bona Prep™ system. Follow the label instructions for Bona Prep™, using only Bona Naturale™, Bona Traffic®, or Bona Strong™ finishes. Adhesion failure can occur if the Bona Prep™ process is not followed and the floor has not been tested for compatibility.


1. Sand and prepare floor following industry standards. 2. For a stained floor, make your final cut with 80-100 grit paper and screen with 80-100 grit screen. Apply Bona® DriFast™ Stain. For an unstained floor, make your final cut with 80-100 grit paper and disc/screen to 120-150 grit. This burnishing will reduce the amount of grain raise. 3. Use Tampico Brush on buffer and vacuum thoroughly. 4. Tack with a dry Bona® microfiber mop or cloth. 5. If the floor is to be stained, DO NOT USE SEALER. Apply 2 coats of Naturale over thoroughly dried stain. For an unstained floor, apply Bonaseal® and then Naturale (see finish directions). THE BONA NATURALE SYSTEM IS: 1 coat of Bonaseal® (unstained floors only); and 2 coats of Naturale finish. Adding a third coat of finish is recommended in heavy traffic areas. NOTE: Use a clean applicator for sealer and a separate clean roller for finish.
INTERCOAT ABRASION: Abrading between waterbased sealer and finish coats is not necessary for adhesion unless it has been more than 48 hours since the previous coat was applied. Abrade solvent-based sealer with a Bona Conditioning Pad before applying finish coats. For smoothest results, abrade all sealer coats with a Bona Conditioning Pad and 1-2 Delta Sheets to eliminate excess grain raise. Abrade prior to the final finish coat with just the Bona® Conditioning Pad. Always vacuum and tack thoroughly with a Bona® microfiber mop or cloth after abrading.


SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. 1. Shake Naturale finish (Part A) well for 30 seconds prior to adding Naturale Hardener (Part B). Mix 1 part Hardener to 10 parts Naturale finish. DO NOT ADD WATER TO HARDENER OR FINISH. One 12.8 oz. bottle of Hardener will activate 1 gallon of finish. To mix finish amounts of less than one gallon, use the 1:10 ratio and the calibrated marks on the side of the jug or use the 1 quart Naturale Mix Bottle. Immediately shake mixture vigorously for 30-45 seconds and then let sit for 10-15 minutes before applying. Insert filter into bottle only after adding hardener. NATURALE CANNOT BE REHARDENED! 2. Prepare roller: vacuum thoroughly, rinse with water and rub out to remove loose fibers. Dry roller until just damp. 3. Pour a 6” wide line of Naturale across the direction of the flooring, cut-in 12”-18” away from wall. 4. Saturate the roller with finish. 5. Using a clean, pre-dampened roller, pull the roller towards you. Then push back in the same path. Do not apply pressure to the roller. Moving from one side to the other, overlap your run by 25%. Rolling too fast will cause drips to fly off the roller. 6. TO PREVENT LAPPING AND DRY MARKS, BE SURE YOU ARE USING THE RECOMMENDED COVERAGE OF 350-400 SQ. FT. PER GALLON. DO NOT SPREAD TOO THIN. 7. Allow your first coat to dry 2-3 hours. High humidity and/or low temperature conditions will extend the dry time while increased ventilation and airflow will reduce dry time (recommended conditions of 65-80°F/40-60% relative humidity). Always vacuum and tack thoroughly with a Bona® microfiber mop or cloth after abrading. Allow final coat to dry at least 48 hours before use. Tools should be cleaned with water and stored.


The curing process takes approximately 7 days (75% cured after 1 day, 90% after 3 days). Do not replace area rugs until the floor has fully cured. The floor may be walked on after 24 hours, but the floor is susceptible to scuffing or marring prior to completion of the curing time. Do not use cleaner during this 7 day curing time. Use only a dry Bona® microfiber mop or cloth for cleaning during the first week. MAINTENANCE: Put walk-off mats at all entrance doorways to keep out excessive dirt and grit. Sweep or vacuum daily and damp wipe as needed with Bona® Swedish Formula® Hardwood Floor Cleaner.
CAUTION! Do not recap finish/hardener mixture after 4 hours to avoid pressure build-up. Allow mixture to completely harden before disposing of in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. Decontaminate empty hardener (Part B) bottle prior to disposal by adding water to the one-quart line. Recap. Shake vigorously. Dispose of.